Sunday, May 1, 2011

D.C.'NERD' PROM ‘He’s a Stutterer’: Trump Mocks Meyer‘s Performance at ’Inappropriate’ D.C. Dinner. VIDEO: Meyers Complete Routine

SNL’s Seth Meyers Takes on DC: The Complete Routine...

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  1. HE WAS "OKAY' Pretty funny, not that impressive though. I didn't like his personal attacks, not jokes, about Donald Trump, the man who made Obama finally show his Birth certificate-proving he's not a nat.born citizen and is therefore ineligible. Duuuhhhh..... he didn't have the balls to mention that. And while he , Trump, may be a joke in some peoples eyes, it was a no-nothing, street agitator/community organizer who's only deal was a crooked land deal with Tony Rezko, who is destroying and bankrupting the country, morally and economically, suing states, freeing terrorists, and who is a vindictive corrupt, lying dirtbag (all proven by the way) and he lets that nasty individual off the hook while insulting Trump. Trump isn't intentioanlly destroying America, Barack is. The media is a joke and covering for democrats who are ruining America, and other than a little MSNBC joke, he lets them off the hook. What a tool bag.