Wednesday, April 20, 2011

菜鸟 Democrat Harry Reid Takes Senators on Swanky Taxpayer Funded Junket to China ... With Spouses! (You're Paying for it!)

While the United States sits on trillions of dollars of debt and in the wake of news that the S&P has downgraded its outlook on U.S. federal debt, 10 U.S. senators are on an excursion to China.

The group, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois Senator and Democratic Party Whip Dick Durbin, landed in China on Monday for a week-long trip which will include stops in some of the country's swankiest cities, including Hong Kong and Beijing.

According to a Senate news release, the Senators taking part in the "informational trip" will discuss such matters as the global economy, security, trade, currency and foreign policy.

Also along for the ride? The senators spouses.

菜鸟 (useless piece of sh*t)

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