Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NBC Nightly News Does Wicked Hatchet Job on Their Own Sucessful Employee…Donald Trump…Why?

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Did NBC do a feature story on the corrupt Barack Obama/Tony Rezko land deal for then presidential candidate Barack Obama? Umm, no...

On Tuesday night, "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" began its evening newscast with a program on Donald Trump and his 2012 presidential ambitions.

I was surprised by the segment, especially since NBC airs Trump's top-rated "Apprentice" show.

The NBC News segment was a hatchet job, focusing on a slice of Trump's business dealings through the years. NBC only highlighted controversies and failures the businessman has been involved in throughout more than three decades of deal-making.

Apparently, NBC dug up every little company that Trump has been associated with that had a lawsuit, bankruptcy, or other problem.

The report was simply unfair. NBC completely left out Trump's fantastic business success that has yielded him a multibillion-dollar net worth. He didn't get this status by being a schlep. There is no dispute that Trump has built beautiful buildings and properties and profitable companies, and has burnished a global brand the likes of which few can boast.

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