Friday, April 1, 2011

DESPERATE CRACKERS: MSNBC‘s ’The Black Agenda’ – With Ed Schultz?

So Ed Schultz is leading the fight to support abortion, Islam, high taxes, wealth redistribution, poor public schools, acceptable corruption, poverty, white liberal racism, oppression, gay marriage, transgendered lifestyles, unemployment and everything else black Americans agree with, right?

Give us a break...

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Why why why is Ed Schultz hosting a special on MSNBC called ‘The Black Agenda?’

After watching the endless promotion for this program on the news/opinion channel, one can only wonder aloud, ‘Why is Ed Schultz, a big white guy with kinda-orange Boehner-like coloring, hosting a program called ‘The Black Agenda?’ For one thing, he hosted a similarly titled show last year. Wait – he CO-hosted that one. READ MORE...

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