Monday, May 30, 2011

Andrew Sullivan: I Can Imagine Sarah Palin Beating Obama

If close to half of the American voters were more informed and more intelligent, Barack Obama would lose in 2012 to any member of the New Jersey Housewives.

Barack Obama is destroying America in so many ways, that it's hard for most Americans to keep up with the damage he's doing, especially since the media isn't doing their job and most of the people who sit at home all day doing nothing and getting a check, support Obama.

If Sarah Palin were President right now, just imagine all of things she WOULDN'T have done that Barack Obama already DID...

We WOULDN'T have as much high unemployment, skyrocketing oil prices, inflation, trillions in national debt, etc.

We also wouldn't have Obamacare, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and Palin sure as heck wouldn't have taking a boatload of lavish vacations, played over 60 rounds of golf and hosted lib parties weekly at the White House. Sarah Palin WOULDN'T be flying all over the country on Air Force One like Obama does, conning (campaigning) all of her supporters. With Sarah Palin, we wouldn't have 40 radical czars two activist judges (Sotomayor, Kagen) sitting on the Supreme Court.

Sarah Palin wouldn't have to use bully tactics like Obama does. Sarah Palin would enforce our borders and not suck up to that despicable Mexican President Calderone, who insulted America and got a standing ovation from democrats.

Sarah Palin wouldn't pursue the convicted felon vote, illegal alien vote and ACORN fraudulent votes to get reelected.

Obama has done nothing to reform our financial system. The big banks that we bailed out are stronger than ever. Obama also takes money from BP oil, big pharma, Goldman Sachs- Wall Street, and corrupt unions to name a few. He's a unique combination of a Marxist, a socialist and a corporatist.

Yea, we would take Palin over Obama any day...

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