Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LOL: Judge to Child Molester ‘I Think You Were Born Gayer Than a Sweet-Smelling Jockstrap’

Well we can't say "faggot" and now we can't say the word "gayer" because the gay community and (liberals) will be offended. (Oh please!)

The judge used the word "GAYER" when describing a GAY man who was molesting boys! (Isn't that gay?)

What's so controversial about that?

Maybe the judge should of told the obviously GAY child molester, "I bet you were a flight attendant and have a beautifully decorated home," so he wouldn't of hurt any ones feelings...

The problem with this statement is that if it had been made by a gay person towards another gay OR straight person, it would be considered funny and everyone watching the Bravo channel would laugh. Gays can say "gayer" and "faggot" but straight people can't...

It's like when young blacks using the word "ni*ger" in every sentence... Blacks can say it, but whites can't, or it's considered "offensive." Oh really? Umm, can you say, "BULLSH*T?"

Political correctness and the word police are also bullsh*t. We need to get rid of both...

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