Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIRTBAG: Obama Using Bin Laden Momentum to Push Amnesty for Illegals. (Are You Really Surprised?)

Everyone with a functioning brain (sorry progressives) knows that Obama only wants amnesty for illegals because he wants a majority of those 13 million votes come November of 2012.

Obama SHOULD immediately be impeached for not enforcing our borders, in addition to many other impeachable offenses he seems to get away with.

VIDEO: The real Obama. The ignorant, radical, anti-American con artist Barack Obama speaking to the racist, anti-American (yet they just won't leave) HATE group 'LaRaza.'


  1. thats not true. parents missing, babies ripped away, this guys a bullshitter. how do people believe this jackass. they're breaking the law dumbass!

    Maybe if sasha and malia were victims of illegal alien crime, say, kidnapped by Mexicans and held for ranson, obama might wake up. probably not, he is a dope.

  2. I call for the end of European colonialism on foreign lands all together, but that's obviously not going to happen in the near future.

    Either way a president of African descent is better than any Republican (especially if they are conservative) any day.

    I'm sick of your ignorant self calling Obama racist, when in fact, YOU'RE the racist here!

  3. who you calling racist? you ignorant leftists don't know what a racist is, if you did, you wouldn't call everyone who disagrees with dopes like you a "racist"

    And what's wrong with conservatives? Newt, Mitt, Bush weren't "conservatives" just like 90% of the dem party are not true democrats, they're progressive communist/marxist/socialists, a failing and miserably failing belief.

    Ron Paul is a real republican, a real conservative, as are Jim Demint and Rand Paul. And if you think Obama isn't a racist, than you are truly a stupid jackass who doesn't bother with much research. Obama doesn't exactly hide his distain for white people, especially christian white males, how is he not racist? did you ever read his books? (I doubt you read at all)

    From 'white mans greed runs a world in need' statement to tanning salon 10% tax (those white folks who tan) to social justice, rev wrights church, anti-American-pro-Islam policies, radical affiliations, I can go on and on, Obama is a racist. But he's a racist in the same way white liberals are self-loathing. Bill Maher is a perfect example of this. YOU are a total moron.

    And as for democrats, they are racist. White liberals have destroyed black lives , communities, schools, etc..for decades. You are a real dumb person.
    Black democrats from the CBC are also racist towards whites, but seem to get a pass from dumbasses like you.

    I'm Cuban and grew up in a mixed Bronx NY neighborhhod on welfare as a child of a single mother with 6 brothers and a sister. You can't tell me about racism, or the lies coming out of politicians mouth or the language or the mind of a Marxist like Obama. I am smarter than you, I am not a racist or ignorant like you and I love capitalism, which is one of the many reasons America is so great and the so-called poor here, aren't Hait/Kneya poor. It's why everyone here through hard work, even without lifelong handouts, can be rewarded (if Obama doesn't keep killing that incentive) with hard work and succed here. Socialism, progressivism, Communism etc..has failed everywhere. It doesn't work, and only an idiot belives it can. If you ever notice it's the millionaire party, the dem. party people who push for it so you cant acheieve what they have,.

    Get your head out of your ass kid.