Tuesday, May 10, 2011

VIDEO: Left-wing loons confront Condoleeza Rice at Stanford Law School. (How Come This Doesn't Qualify as Racism?)

If Condoleeza Rice is a war criminal, than so is our current President Barack Hussein Obama.

We know the Asian girl and the creepy white liberal guy didn't yell at Rice because she was black, and this wasn't racism, BUT if Rice was a democrat, and the protesters were right-wingers, MSNBC would be calling this racism. Which is why no one watches MSNBC; We're just saying....

If Condoleeza Rice really told these loons to "go to hell," GOOD FOR HER! These code pink wackos are the scum of the earth and the biggest hypocrites in the protest business.


  1. can we torture the crooked mouthed chink for being rude and send her back to china? who is she to come here and tell us we can't torture our enemies? screw her! she should be at ching wah getting me a #7 with white rice and an egg roll to go. if these leftists hate america so much, why dont they leave? she should appreciate this country, wasn't it her left wing celebrating Osama Bin Ladens death because we barely tortured someone to get info on where he was?

  2. Wow, a codepink.org advert on your video...

    Who's picking what adverts show here?

  3. Ah, the video was a codepink piece of junk...

    That explains it.