Monday, May 2, 2011

"OBAMA Shot and Killed." MSNBC 'Airhead' Norah O'Donnell Accidently Posts on Twitter. Imagine if Palin, Beck or Rush had Done This?

She may not be the brightest, but Norah is one of the very few decent looking liberal women in America...

In an attempt to release the news of Osama bin Laden’s death quickly late Sunday night, MSNBC correspondent Norah O’Donnell accidentally reported on Twitter that “Obama” had been “killed” instead.

“Obama shot and killed,” Norah O’Donnell posted on Twitter, citing NBC Chief Pentagon Correspondent Jim Miklaszewski as her source.

It was announced Sunday that Osama Bin Laden, who orchestrated the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, was killed by American forces. President Obama addressed the nation to deliver the news around 11:30 PM EST.

O’Donnell later removed the post.

If O'Donnell had been a conservative, the left-wing controlled media would of been in full attack mode calling her an "idiot," an "Islamaphobe," or better yet, their favorite false accusation, "racist!"


  1. "but Norah is one of the very few decent looking liberal women in America..."

    I don't how you can keep saying this when it's plainly obvious that liberal women are hotter. But keep deluding yourself.

  2. I assume you're suggesting that the right-wing media outlets are never in full attack mode, calling CNN and MSNBC reporters, "idiots," "unpatriotic," or better yet, their favorite false accusation, "liberal?"

  3. Well, first of all, I hate republicans and democrats, I am a hardcore libertarian. But I am sorry, I am deeply into politics and women, and by far, conservative women are not only way hotter than liberal women, they're also more informed and make their points better. I have been on a college campus for several years, going to school and working, and liberal women are super retarded and look like Janeane Garafolo and Heinz Kerry. It's not even close.

    I also agree both sides attack the other in the media. But it's so one-sided!! The left attacks dishonestly and personally, while the right attacks the left for what they believe is true. I happen to think Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell and Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow, are true idiots. Unpatriotic I can't be sure, but I am sure they're idiots.

    I don't like Sean Hannity's views, but he does a good job attacking the left with facts. Especially his media mash segment. I watch both sides and it's mostly the left that lies. We need to get rid of both sides, and we know that will never happen.

  4. Michael Medved calls them "Losertarians." The Libertarian Party has probably been around for 35 years. What do they have to show for it?