Monday, June 27, 2011

DIRTBAG IN CHIEF: Video: Obama’s Amnesty Already Putting Illegals Back on the Streets

Obama’s amnesty-by-fiat is marching forward. We have reported how Obama is exploring various ways to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Since the American people are not going along with his plan, he is implementing it by top-down executive powers. John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), recently released new prosecutorial discretion guidelines encouraging agents to release most illegals. In the video below, we see just one case, in which one of the people who gets a pass was recently released from prison for committing manslaughter. When amnesty passes, the Democrat-Progressive-SEIU axis will enjoy an enormous influx of new voters, roughly the size of the state of Illinois, and that covers a multitude of sins. READ MORE...

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  1. Great! More welfare, more crime/rapes/murders/gangs/ and debt. But the trial lawyers will make out. The mind of a liberal! Great job liberals! Keep voting democrat you stupid American idiots! All in the name of "someone has to pick the lettuce for $5 an hour that lazy Americans won't do."

    Can you say- Bullshit!

    Why is America intentionally destroying itself? Who needs the KKK and terrorist attacks whn you have liberal politicians? Unbelieveable!