Monday, June 27, 2011

DISTURBED: Garofalo's Racial Ridicule of Clarence Thomas

Garofalo is a "self-loathing white trash" progressive who is too mentally disturbed to realize that she herself is not only racist, but totally clueless. She's too clueless to know that liberals DID have a problem with John McCain's birthplace, too stupid to figure out that the tea party has been around long before Obama was elected president and that the tea partiers are far from racist. (A true racist would support the progressive movement; just look at how damaging it has been to the black community)

Garofalo had admitted that she's NEVER even been to a tea party, yet she's some expert at knowing what the movement is about. She also seems to have a problem with interracial relationships...

Simply put, Janeane Garofalo is an ignorant, self-loathing, racist idiot...

By the way, don't these libtards know how to use Google?

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