Sunday, June 19, 2011

THE WORST CON ARTIST: 'You Not America’: Desperate to Remain Relevant Van Jones Begs Glenn for TV Time as He Attacks Fox’s Patriotism

Well it sure sounds good; too bad it isn't true. This clown is worse than Obama when it comes to the CON GAME. Even Al Sharpton is a better con artist than Van Jones and that's pretty bad. We won't call Jones "stupid" because he's not, he knows exactly what he's saying and he knows it's bullsh*t; it's the people who are applauding him who are the real true morons. They're like the Branch Davidian cult showing up to listen to David Koresh.

Van Jones is nothing more than a typical San Francisco progressive con artist, trying to pass himself off as a 'real' black man. His whining of "social justice" and his attacks on Fox news along with his "pretend" caring of the poor show just how pathetic Van Jones really is. If anything, it's people like Van Jones who help create more poverty. And now he's begging for Fox to give him some coverage? He's even more pathetic than we thought...

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