Monday, July 11, 2011

"MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!" How Dumb Does the Naive Jay-Z Feel Now? Jay-Z on Obama and Our Message to Him....

"How dumb do they feel now?"

Jay-Z on President Obama....

"Numbers don’t lie. Unemployment is pretty high. It’s f*cked up, but he’s trying not to be the angry black man." – Jay-Z

Okay: Maybe Jay-Z is bitter because the " half-white" liberal Obama has failed him and is officially the most divisive, corrupt and easily the worst President in U.S history. Maybe Jay-Z supports the "transgendered food stamp" President Barack Hussein Obama. Then again, secretly, maybe he doesn't?

Jay-Z seems pretty swole about Obama's horrible job performance. Obama is also doing more damage to the black community than white liberals are!


"Obama can't be an 'angry black man' because Obama was never 'black' in the first place. And for someone who grew up in the hood, you sure as hell can't recognize the con game (starring the democratic party) or the fact that Barack Obama may have ruined it for a "real" black man (like Herman Cain or Alan West) who may want to run for President in the future and actually do a great job. Maybe you're so anti-white, you will support anyone with brown skin no matter how ignorant their policies are. Whatever your reasons for supporting this elitist failure, remember this, without capitalism or those rich pimply white teeny-boppers who waste money buying your music, you wouldn't have half the wealth you have now. You will also never feel the pain of being unemployed, as young black unemployment creeps to almost 50% under Obama. You supporting Obama makes you a sell-out because you support the same exact policies that have been destroying the black community for decades. The destruction of the black family, astronomically high teen pregnancy and single mother rates, high drug use, unemployment, crime, drop out and incarceration rates and government dependency is the 'hope and change' you support. Stick to rapping and please don't endorse any more liberals for president in the future you jackass."

Can someone "tweet" this to Jay-Z please?

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