Monday, July 11, 2011

Telling Liberal Kids Lies: ‘Get Back in the Kitchen & Pregnant’ Rep Ellison Makes Up That Lawyer & Rep. Bachmann Is Offended by Strong Women. Huh?!?

The "pretend" Muslim is back at work attempting to further indoctrinate another group of idiots. A typical day for progressives, lie to other progressives and then applaud each other!

Rep. Ellison is a disgrace who couldn't hold a candle to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, whether it be her record in congress or her accomplishments in her personal life.

Michele Bachmann is even "blacker" than Keith Ellison when it comes to the issues. Keith Ellison is an elitist "nerd" who was never "black enough," so he converted to Islam to get some street credit (and votes in his Muslim populated district) and is now a proud (fake) Muslim.

"Wow! What an accomplishment!"

Unfortunately, there are some people (idiots) who actually buy Ellison's con artistry and straight up bullsh*t... They would be college progressives, the dumbest voting block in America.

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