Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WHY DOES OBAMA KEEP BRINGING TERRORISTS TO THE UNITED STATES? Is this the only way he can create jobs or is there another reason he's doing this?

President Barack Obama seems to have won over enough Congressional Democrats to push forward with his plan to move Guantanamo prisoners to a facility in rural Illinois, but the official announcement Tuesday triggered a firestorm of criticism that could undercut his stated goal of depriving Al Qaeda of a key propaganda point.

“In taking this action, we are removing from terrorist organizations around the world the recruiting tool that Guantanamo has come to symbolize,” National Security Adviser James Jones told reporters. READ MORE...


“When you bring these terrorists onto U.S. soil, you give them all the rights of US citizens.”


The White House emphasized the economic benefits of the move, which officials said could bring 3000 jobs to the prison’s environs and has the support of both of the state’s senators and its governor.

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